I found some great leather work gloves online

The other day I was in a department store and the salesman said they had great pairs of work gloves in the men’s department.  Lo and behold, I took a tour of what they had and I work gloveswas very disappointed with what I found.  What I needed was  a great pair of leather gloves that won’t fall apart in 5 minutes when I am out working in my yard.  I could tell immediately that I needed to go online and search for work gloves on Google.
I did a search and found that even online there is great disparity in quality from one website to another.  I found the big box stores had enormous sites with not the best navigation built into their sites.  I finally found a small site and purchased the leather gloves.

I found there was quite a variety of gloves to choose from, even for women as well. When I received my shipment, I was so impressed with the quality that I immediately ordered 2 more pair.  One for my lake house and one for my machine shop.  Boy am I glad  I found this site online!!